Sunday, March 24, 2013

Third Draft of Planetarium Piece

I've added some more sounds and eliminated clock noises. Does this at all work? I originally had steps going through the whole thing but then I thought I liked how the bits of audio played off of each other content wise, which was kind of lost by shifting focus in that way. And it's still 5 minutes long, help!! I've made a transcript and that allowed me to cut some stuff out but now I'm lost! EDIT: Is the lady calling late at night story understandable? I just played it for my family and my sister said it confused her.

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  1. Paula,
    There are still many great things happening with your piece (especially in the beginning.) Let's look at the transcript tomorrow on the bus. I wonder if you want a longer more self contained section in the middle with the story from your Mom's friend. But let's take a look together.