Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Planetarium Project Draft 2

It's a bit long at the moment, but I'm fairly confident I can clear it up. The narration also still needs to be clarified a bit more. This project is my first foray into self-made sound effects so I'd love to know where they were helpful, and where they were useless. I like this version a bunch.


  1. This is exciting! I like it. It's much more understandable than past versions, probably because of the conversational tone. It's great!
    My notes:
    You speed up at 2:20 and I almost wish it was more sped up, it is so excitement building.
    "Pah!" sound effect doesn't fit in, in my opinion, it's obviously your voice and the rest aren't.
    I love the violin sound effects, but sometimes they don't seem to fit quite right. Mostly where you layer it while your speaking, rather than at pauses. It works really nice as a punctation mark, but I don't really dig it as a background noise, if that makes sense.
    But I think this is awesome, good job!

  2. I agree with Paula on some of the violin noises. Your words are so exciting and sometimes they distract from the main event: your story. I think you can slim down the middle a little, if you're looking for an area to start trimming. At 1:45 you say um. That part bugs me, but other than that, I think this is great! It gave me a new perfective that I didn't have before listening.

  3. Mickey
    You've done lots of great experimentation with sound design and recording. You're clearly having fun.

    Now, time to really prune. I think it's important to cut this down to 3:00. You'll need to be ruthless (!) but I think it would make the piece stronger and clearer and force you to cut to the chase.

    Also who is the professor you cite?

    Have you run your piece by any physicists on campus?

    Required listening for you now! Jad Abumrad's talk at Third Coast: Music a Force for Good and Sometimes Evil. (For some reason Blogger isn't letting me insert a hyperlink, but if you google it, you'll find it.) Your music is really interesting punctuation at times, and others is competing with your narration. Jad's talk is extremely illuminating on all of this. You'll love it.

    Look forward to the next draft--