Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reflection DCHS

Quite a few things surprised me while working with my students in the past week. I didn't think they would get so involved with the project: both Chante and Brittany showed a lot of interest. In the beginning of the class Brittany was the one I was worried about in my group, because she was so quiet and to herself - but over the time of this class and especially within the two sessions I got to know her well, and her piece turned out great. She finished early, so we had some time to just hang out and talk after her piece was uploaded. Both of the girls had a lot of questions for me about college life and it was fun to just talk to them.
I don't really think I struggled with anything in the past few sessions, I've found everything to move smoothly, and everything got done pretty quickly. On some days it was hard to get them motivated (someday, maybe they will learn the powers of coffee), but I managed to get them to power through it and finish their pieces. They both seemed happy once they were uploaded, and are looking forward to our baked goods we bring next time :)

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