Sunday, February 24, 2013

Planet Formerly Known As Pluto

Here's my rough draft for my planetarium piece. I think I want to interview more people, questioning them on how they remember being taught the original nine planets of our solar system; and how they feel that Pluto is no longer a planet.

In this rough draft I only have an edited self-interview. Do you think it would be interesting to try bringing in other short stories and blending them all together?

I'm also very interested in incorporating some "footage" (extracting audio) of home videos of myself reciting the once 9 planets; and possibly some audio from news coverage about the demoted planet Pluto.

This was also the first time I transcribed a script - I think it sounds really weird but I don't know if it's because I'm hearing my own voice or because it sounds as if I'm reading. Does it matter?

Death By Birth - a few little tweaks later

Hello again! I fixed the problems that were easy to fix.

Death By Birth

I'm planning on transcribing this narration and re-recording it, and also trying to learn some techniques for more interesting space-sounds!

Jessie and the Psychic

So these are some rough beginnings. I'm planning on actually going with Jess to the Psychic and recording it. And interviewing her before and after and then putting it all together in a narrative. BUT coordinating is difficult and we didn't get a chance to talk this week, so we are talking tomorrow as sort of a pre-interview, and I'm probably just going to visit her over our break and we'll do the Psychic visit then. Since I don't actually have any clips of her this is just a taste of the narrative style I'm thinking of going with.

Ode To Pluto (Rough)

Hey all! I wrote my "Ode To Pluto"; a poetic story from the perspective of Pluto's former boss, child, lover, and myself. Since this was the rough draft, I wanted to play around with different effects and voices. I like the poem, but this draft doesn't have the flow I envisioned, so any constructive commentary is welcome!

Ode to Einstein

Hey! So I was looking into creating a sound collage more or less. I am still trying to figure out the details, but it will never be just my voice speaking the poem as the main chunk of it is now. I just wanted to give an idea of where I am going with this. I was wondering about using clips from movies etc and how that worked in terms of copy right. Not entirely sure if I want to stick with this or not. I think it could be really interesting but at the same time, might be too much. My Plan B is an interview that I have coming up this week.

Bedtime Books

Hey guys,

So I just got back from Grand Rapids and I wanted to post something just so you guys could hear what direction I'm going in but I want it to be noted that this is by no means finished. I have an older sister and yesterday it was my twin nieces 2nd birthday. I had decided to record her tucking them in at night, after getting her permission of course, because I think bedtime rituals are a big part of childhood and a big part of people's memories in that way. I also interviewed her about her process and now have a variety of tape recorded. However, here you will just hear her reading them a book and them interacting with her. I just got back though and haven't had time to work with the rest of the recorded material yet. So consider this a taste of a potential project that I am working on. Let me know what you think.


 Also. What is it with me and cows?

DCHS Bathroom Gossip

How Long is the Night?

Here is a rough draft of my Planetarium piece. Audio quality is pretty bad here... need to do some trouble shooting. Also, I feel like I need to vary the energy more.

DCHS The Lunch Room

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Margaret's Planetarium Pieces

This week I did both some interviews and some recordings of me talking to myself.
Here are the results: one cut-up interview, and one more experimental sound-y piece.

Question: for the experimental sound piece, the words that I am saying are taken from a publication I found, "Hercolubus or Red Planet" by V.M Rabolu. I've cut them up so much that I feel like they've lost their original meaning, but.... What do you guys think about that? Am I infringing on copyright or anything?

 Anyways, had a great time working on these, can't wait to hear your feedback and hear your pieces as well!

Hannah: DCH Walk

Dreams (Rough Draft!)

Here is my rough draft for the planetarium piece. I'm still planning on having one more speaker with a short poem (either in the introduction or at the end). I'm getting close to the 3 minute mark so I'm not quite sure if I should edit some out or just keep the third speaker's part short.

 The writing is mine, influenced by the dreams of those who are speaking. The music in the background I made using Garage Band and a keyboard. My goal was to have an otherworldly quality of sound, and overlay stories of the dark dreams/nightmares of those speaking. I wanted to try some writing this time around.

 See you all Monday :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Dark Night (NEW Story)

I was unable t continue interviewing my cousin for the second iteration of the first version or any other family members for that matter. I chose to interview someone else so that I was able to go back and interview again if necessary. I also had a few technical difficulties, Hindenburg was no longer available. So all previous work done on Hindenburg was now in vain (because it could be opened but couldn't be saved or exported) so I used Final Cut Express to continue editing. I think it sounds pretty choppy. Please let me know about any things you find interesting and or necessary to add etc.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Updated Red Handed TP

Couldn't help working on this a bit more... I took out the slow moving car chase and added a bit at the end.

Hannah: Black and White and On My Patio Final

Hey team, I know this is supposed to be a final but I am really not considering it that because I still think it needs a lot of work. I can't seem to get the story to fit in three minutes and as it is right now it feels rushed. Do you think there are parts that could be taken out to give the rest more breathing room or no? I also thought about adding sound but as it stands I don't even think there is room for it? I am at a loss. Love to hear what you all think. Hannah

Diamond in the Rough

Red Handed TP Revenge

Red Handed TP Revenge

Here I was mainly working with trying to manipulate the pacing of the story to build interest-- adding pauses in some parts and speeding it up in others. It was hard to figure out what to end with.

Also, any title suggestions would be much appreciated.

Summer Blackout

Beautiful and Greying Neighbor Bob

I interviewed him a second time and got that last comment at the end that I really like. But, now it is 15 seconds over even after I went back a cut a few things! Any other suggestions as to where I might cut it?

Kerrytown Piece Version 3

  Alright guys, here's version three.
I switched up the order of some of the sound bites in hopes that they would make more sense together, and got rid of some redundancies.
Added in some narration to help the listener through the piece.  Tried to keep my voice as casual as my interviewees.  Kept the narration as minimal as possible.
I'm excited to hear what you think!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Green Monopoly Mullholland Houses Pt 2

Closer to being done I think! I took everyones advice from class and made a transcript, and cut out the unnecessary information. It's still about twenty seconds over three minutes, but I couldn't quite figure out what I should cut. It all seemed to be relevant and interesting information to their story, however are there any suggestions of what could still be cut out? Thanks! Melania P.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Grass Is Always Greener (Final)

I want to thank everyone for their feedback! I constructed a new, more complete ending using a second interview. I also brought back the lawn mower noise to "book end" the piece. I added a reference time of night & time of year, as well as a follow up with another moment he saw this neighbor. I hope you guys enjoy this final iteration as much as I do!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sound Walk

Frosted TIps

Hannah: Black and White and On My Patio #2

Hey guys,
So I added a new ending and was wondering what you think about it? I plan on going back and re-recording all of it together (and fixing up/tweaking the beginning) because I think you can hear the difference in the takes. In terms of the narrative arc do you think it is effective and interesting? I took out the bit about the phone and the cows in the distance for the sake of time but maybe I could keep that and lose something else somewhere? Interested in hearing your feedback.


TP_Guidance Counselor

Here is another shot at this assignment. As is, I'm worried that the story is a bit dry-- it was the second time it was told to me. However, I hope that working to edit in details from the follow up questions I asked will add some more interest.

A Few Gray Memories: Caleb Moss

This was very difficult for me because I had to get more information from cousin. Not only did this require me going home but for her to also open up and be willing to interview again. I called my cousin this past Wednesday to see if she'd be willing to interview again and unfortunately she wasn't up to it (I believe it was due to the topic in which she as being interviewed).

So instead of returning home with an interview that was bound to happen I decided to edit the previously recorded interview.

Any suggestions on what to do next?

The Grass Is Always Greener

I went in a totally different direction with this iteration. I feel pretty good about this second draft, but think there's still something missing that I can't quite seem to put my finger on. Thoughts?

Kerrytown Co-ops: Under the Purple Pines

I had a tough time narrowing down the most interesting/ most explanatory comments for each co-ops description, but this is what I've got so far.

I would wish that I had the time to fit in some ending clips that show how much each co-op really values living and working together, but I just can't seem to be able to fit that in under the time limit.

 Do you think this piece needs some introductory narration?  Are you confused about the subject?
Are you getting a good sense of the general mood of these houses/ do you find them interesting?

Beautiful Gray Neighbor Bob

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Summer Blackout Second Rough Draft

Green Monopoly Mulholland Houses

Hey all, So I decided to change my subject for this assignment, the other person I interviewed for my first draft ended up not being a story I wanted to pursue. This "re-up" is longer than 3 minutes, and I feel that it could be cut down significantly. What should I cut out? Do you want to hear more about the neighbors or are you content with just hearing the two speakers stories about the block they lived on/re-worked houses on? Thanks, see everyone on Monday. Melania Plasko