Friday, March 22, 2013

Kaleiah's Story and Reflection

So here is Kaleiah talking about a time when she was really sick last year. We did some writing together and this is a recording of her reading that. I also interviewed her about it too so there is more tape to go through.

And now time for some reflection:

Monday was a complete turn around from how it has been going in my group so far. Jaylen was the only student who was present and so I was able to focus a lot of my attention on his story. He picked up how to use garageband really quickly and seemed into it. We hadn't done any recording yet though so we went back to the classroom. Like I said we had previously done some writing together as a group. He had responded to the question "if you were a song what kind of song would you be." Jaylen said he would be a motivational song which just really tugged at my heart strings for some reason. However from there the interview went to an unexpected place. I came to find out that he is an avid chess player which is so interesting because he had been talking about listening to Eminem to get pumped up for his tournaments. It blew me away. It also made me feel like maybe if I had taken the time to ask him what his interests are I would know more about him. Regardless, it was a great day and I feel like I really got to know Jaylen a lot better. It was nice to interact with him on a one-on-one basis and spend most of the class period just talking.

Wednesday was a little more difficult because Kaleiah hadn't yet had the chance to record anything. We went to the cafeteria and did the interview there. It was kind of challenging to work on her story together, primarily because I am pretty squeamish. It was curious that she choose that story to tell because it feels like it still makes her sad and was a really unpleasant point in her life. I wasn't entirely sure how to direct the interview and am wondering what the rest of you think of the tape? Let me know because I would value some more opinions. Overall though we are definitely making progress and moving forward with the projects together. I'm excited to hear what everyone else came up with as well.


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  1. Hannah,
    It seems like this is a story that Kaleiah really wants to tell. I'm sure it was traumatic and something she'll remember forever. (I certainly will be checking my sandwiches from Subway.)
    I think it fades out really quickly at the end though. You might ask her to listen and ask her and the others if there's anything else she wants to add.
    I think it may enough for her that she's recorded, editing a little and completed a piece.