Friday, March 29, 2013


This last week really surprised me because it was originally a struggle to get Devante and Brook interested in the project and I was wondering how the final pieces would turn out and if they would even care that much about them. Although I still think it pushed them outside their comfort zone, I was very happy with the end result. Devante finished quick and was glad to do so, but I know he made something that he was proud of and I do think he was excited to see it up on Cowbird. Brook also surprised me. She found a topic that was important to her and ended up wanting the edited version to be the best she could make it. Although I don't think that either of them found their calling in sound, I do believe that overall they ended up having a good experience and now have not only a story that they have created which is out there on the internet, but also a new idea of sound and story and what it can do.

Personally, I really enjoyed my experience at Brightmoor. A few times it was a little challenging to keep Brook and Devante engaged but I'm so glad I was able to work on this project. It gives you a whole different perspective on the medium when you are trying to involve and teach it to someone else. This is not only patience, but also you must break it down and look at it again with new eyes, as well as pay more attention to how sound and story is told differently and can effect others differently, rather than just how you see (or hear) it yourself. I think I have learned a great deal through this process and I think that the combination of our class and their class has been an overall success.

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