Friday, March 29, 2013

Learning Circle #5 Musical Scoring

Hey all! Mickey & I have met already to find interesting pieces for April 3rd's discussion. Listen now, or later, & we'll talk more in the coming weeks!

Assigned Listening (for April 3rd):
1. "If" (7 min) By: Shere DeLys
2. "Eat Cake" (10 min) By: Jonathan Mitchell
3. "Practice, Practice, Practice" (9 min) By: Stanzi Vaubel

Things to think about:
1. "If"
There's a large variety sounds and many repetitions. Did that make the piece cuter? Sadder? What does the large silence at the end of the piece do?
2. "Eat Cake"
How does the music dynamics (cresendo, faster, slower) add to the story. What was the main emotion it conveyed? What else did the scoring do?
3. "Practice Practice Practice"
How does music enhance the subject of the story? Is it too obvious?
4. Overall Reflection
Does one piece use musical scoring more successfully than the others? What qualities does that piece have?

For More:
1. "99% Invisible" podcast
2. Third coast session: "Music as a force for good and sometimes evil"
3. "Jad's Brain"
4. "Dramatic Scoring for Radio"

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