Sunday, March 24, 2013

DCHS reflection

This week at DCHS was a stressful one for me. Since I have three students in my group they weren't all able to record in the first session, so dividing my attention between the students who were editing and Byron who was recording was tough. I also noticed two of my students Byron and Markel getting less excited about the project throughout the sessions. Byron was so excited about his idea in the first session. He wanted to speak about the Little Debbie cookies that he loves so much as if they were a woman he was lusting over, however, after waiting a week to record he lost momentum. He forgot what he wanted to say and got frustrated throughout the process. Both Byron and Mookie were absent on Wednesday so Markel got a one on one session with me.  Markel seemed fine with his piece on Monday, but on Wednesday he started thinking he didn't sound natural. We tried rerecording but he still wasn't satisfied. I am spending time editing his audio down so he can hopefully find some useable audio within the 20 minutes of sound he recorded, however, I'm worried that if he doesn't like anything we have he won't be able to finish his piece in time, especially since the other two in the group are behind now. Monday I think I am going to have to employ Stephanie and Charlie to help get everyone up to speed.

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