Friday, March 29, 2013


This has been an extremely rewarding week working with the students at DCHS. The loose ends finally came together for both Deshaun and Breanna resulting in two powerful pieces. The hardest part was sitting in the passenger seat while they edited their stories. As a self-described control freak, it's my gut instinct to jump in and take charge when doing group work. It was interesting to see the differences between their story editing and mine. I was surprised to find myself liking their versions more; with the little imperfections adding to the realistic cloth of their story fabric. It was a struggle to beat the clock, but it ultimately made running through the finish line that much more exciting. It was so satisfying to export each of their pieces as an mp3, give them a high five, and see their smiles. We all shared in the same sense of accomplishment from seeing the end result, and it felt really good. It felt bittersweet walking out of DCHS on Wednesday, knowing that our work there was coming to a close. Deshaun, the class clown, and Breanna, the valedictorian, showed me that everyone has a story to tell; and I've realized we can learn something from every person we meet, no matter how different than us they seem.

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