Saturday, March 23, 2013

Planetarium Draft ReEdit

Here is my next planetarium draft! I re-edited all of the audio and it's now all my voice, instead of the other two speakers I had. I played around more with layering the audio, and adding different effects. What do you think? Is it working better than the previous draft? Is there too much layering/is it hard to understand? Is that a good thing? Help! :) And here is the old draft, with multiple speakers:

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  1. Melania,
    I think you're moving in the right direction. I'm finding it more interesting and dreamlike.
    I think the piece could be shorter and the last poem could be trimmed or better yet, modified to feel more like it's part of the rest of the piece. (The phrases and repetition of phrases make it sound more like it's a read piece.)
    I think you can also do more to articulate the differences between a solo voice and the the more textured sections. You can also make more use of pauses to cluster phrases and moments. Let's talk more on Monday!