Friday, March 29, 2013

Learning Circle: Short Pieces (#3)

Hey Guys!

Take a listen to these for our (Caleb and Callie's) Learning Circle:
(This fourth one is a little longer but it is thought of as a Short within the RadioLab program. We also included it in, not only because it is really interesting but also there are also many shorter stories within the pieces about the same guy. This is because we find out that it is not one simple story, but rather many which adds to an understanding of this man's life.) 

Pay attention to the different ways people can tell a short story.
How do they put in emotion?
How does it change when it is one narrator versus multiple people?
How does the length of a piece effect it?
How do the audio effects in the very short pieces compare to those in the longer ones?
Does the music distract or direct the story? Why do you think they made this decision if they chose to include music?

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