Saturday, March 30, 2013

DCHS Finals & Reflection

Sorry this took so long, but here is my DCHS reflection The last week was definitely hectic but I think it was one of the best. Mostly it was interesting to see how the two girls took to different parts of the assignment. Diamon was all about recording the things on her mind, and always had very interesting things to share and say. She even said it's gotten her thinking about just doing this on her own. She then had a lot of trouble with Garage Band and the editing process. Daricka on the other hand was very ambivalent when it came to coming up with stories, but then just flew with Garage Band, which was awesome to see. You can see in her piece she really tuned into how music can add to a piece and uses it in a pretty humorous way. Also I think she did a fabulous job with reading her poem once she was able to do it alone and be less nervous. Her ambivalence earlier made me worry she just thought the whole thing was stupid, but seeing her work with Garage Band helped remind me that some people are just shy. And honestly I would have probably been the exact same way in high school. Ultimately, I was worried the week before about finishing, and about their engagement and whether they felt like they were getting anything from this project, but this week really erased all of those worries. We finished in the nick of time, but the best part was seeing how excited they were about their finished pieces. The pieces aren't masterpieces by any means, they're even a little cheesy at times, but I think it's most important that they are proud of what they did. I really tried to step away and let them make their own creative decisions, even if it wasn't the decision I would have made. That said I think their pieces are still really great.

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