Thursday, March 21, 2013

DCHS Audio

This is the audio I recorded with Diamon last session, cut down to the bits she remembered after we listened to the 10 minutes of tape. I figure it will be easier for her to work with cutting this down and adding other sounds than the whole 10 minutes. The other piece of audio is her talking about being an example for her younger cousins, because when we listened to her audio about senior year she said she sounded monotone, and this is her talking rather than reciting thoughts she previously thought out. I think I'll play it for her, just so she knows she has other audio from last Wednesday to work with too. Daricka was absent but I will let her record herself reciting her poem next time. Reflection: This week of working on actual pieces has been more difficult than previous sessions. I think it's probably because I'm put into more of a teaching role rather than just playing around recording different things. The previous sessions felt more like I was hanging out with the kids and felt more natural, but once I'm in a mentor/superior position I feel weird and a bit more unsure of myself. That said, Daricka is also not particularly enthused or motivated about the project, but that's not to say she hates the project. I can never really tell what she is thinking, which makes it difficult to figure out what to say to get her more motivated. Diamon is kind of on and off. Sometimes she is super into what we're doing, like last Wednesday and on Monday, but this Wednesday she seemed less excited. I'm not sure if it's because she realized that her original story was maybe not something she wanted to share on Cowbird and had to come up something new, or if it was just one of those days. She is very interested in asking me questions about college and other random things, which is really nice because I feel like we have a back and forth which I don't have with Daricka. Next week I really want to try and work on giving them more open guidance, because I feel like I've been prodding them in the direction I would go with their work rather than helping them think more critically about what they are dong, if that makes sense. All in all, I'm really enjoying working at DCHS, it's a lot of fun.

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