Sunday, March 31, 2013

Belated DCHS Reflection

On Wednesday, I was especially impressed with how Rick'ayshia rolled with the punches. At first, her GarageBand file opened without any of the sounds she'd been working on in it, but she was very calm while we got that sorted out. When I pointed out that one of her cuts was mid-word, she didn't complain about re-importing that clip and editing again. It was really great to see her working independently, since in previous weeks she kept looking to me for, "ok, well, what do I do next?"

I could tell that Quita was a bit frustrated to have just today to edit together her final piece-- she'd missed class once and come in late on Monday, but in the end, she really brought it all together. She is so self-aware and attentive! Even as she said, "I feel rushed!" she browsed through bug sounds, selected a cricket, layered it in at varied volumes, re-recorded her "knock on wood," kept her cool as clips got accidentally deleted when she tried to move them around, and calmly re-imported them.She does want to put her piece on cowbird, but unfortunately we ran out of time. I'm glad that Charlie will be able to help her post it.

I'm looking forward to returning on the 15th!

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