Friday, March 22, 2013

Student's Work So Far and Reflection

Reflection: Although it has been a little hard trying to get Brook and Devante more involved and excited about the sound process, I thought that the experience has been a success. I was, and still am, excited about this project because I do think it is important to expose students to this kind of art and give them more of a voice. Especially at this age, I think people feel as if they don't have much of one, and this is the best opportunity to share a story or make some sort of comment. With Brook and Devante, the process has been a little rocky because I don't think that they were a little hesitant about the project (neither of them are particularly open to sharing - which is of course fine but it just makes story telling a harder because they aren't comfortable with it). They have come around though and are on their way to completing some really good pieces, which I do think, especially Brook, will be happy to have in the long run. Overall, I'm really happy with the past few weeks.

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