Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DCHS Clips Round 2

Here are Brittany and Chante's clips from this morning.
Brittany's piece is coming along well. She mentioned she might want to re-record some things, maybe come up with a closing reflective sentence. With one more session she will probably be done with this.

Chante on the other hand, I'm having more trouble with. She doesn't take the interviewing seriously, and wasn't too keen on editing her piece in Garageband. Next session I will probably try to focus more on her, making sure she's getting her piece edited/doing more recording if need be. Any ideas of what I should try with her?

Melania P.
Edit: During the past two sessions at DCHS, I've started remembering what it was like to be in High School. I hadn't noticed till now that I had replaced memories from my high school with fabricated ones, or maybe I just forgot a lot of aspects of it. As college students at UoM we work extremely hard and are on an entirely different stress/work level than they might be used to, and I've found it hard to move my mindset back into the high school gear (Not saying they haven't been working hard! It's just different). I don't consider myself to be "good with kids" or working with people younger than myself. I've never babysat, I don't have any brothers or sisters, I don't have any cousins.. It's been a challenge even talking with them, and getting them excited and motivated. Last week's session I was able to connect more with Brittany, when we had some one-on-one time together recording. In the beginning she was extremely nervous, but eventually opened up to me and we recorded some good stories. Chante has become more open and friendly as well, however I'm still trying to get her excited about it.

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