Friday, March 29, 2013

DCHS Reflection

* Please take a few moments to post your reflection on this last (very busy) week working with your students. What were some of the most interesting moments from this week? Did anything surprise you? What did you find hardest? Most satisfying? Was there a moment that you struggled with? Was there an insight or moment you'd like to take with you? This last week was probably the most complicated and stressful, just because there was an approaching deadline and decreasing focus from the class at large. And who can blame seniors for being excited to graduate, and not being entirely invested in school work? That being said, I think there was some really great work created from my group. They had a good understanding of what was expected, and even with Janaija's sudden change of topic we were able to complete some very interesting anecdotes and insights. Whether or not the students were really invested in school at the time, my group took the creation of their stories pretty seriously, and had some clear ideas about edits. That was a very pleasant surprise! One thing I really want to take away from this experience is how to set clear, attainable goals at the beginning of every session. My group really responded when I started with a group explanation of what we were doing that day, and then a summary of what we were going to do the next session and how it related. I used it when we discussed the lessons as a class, but as the work became more personal to each group, I neglected that little process, and I think it disrupted focus. But overall, I was really impressed with their enthusiasm to record and their willingness to speak, and I really wish the best for all of them.

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